Life Begins At Thirty : Chapter Twelve

The Fashion Show

The heat of the sun beat down on the bronzed, sweat-glazed bodies wearing as little as possible as they lay around the pool oblivious to the sounds of the engines whirring past every few seconds.

Hannah was uncomfortable around such a mass of naked flesh, comparing her own body to each of those swimsuit models that lay around the pool and finding herself wanting. Every person around the pool was wearing something sexier than she was, more fashionable than she was, was showing more of less flesh than she was. It felt like her prudish one-piece covered more of her body than all those sexy string bikini’s would have combined.

The bikini’s those women wore were unheard of in Rollinsborough and Hannah had never been abroad on her holidays, never seen anyone wearing such provocative swimwear in the flesh. She had only seen such sights in the celebrity magazines which pointed out every minute imperfection on show on those bodies and made her even more self-conscious of her own body and its own minute imperfections. She could see none of those imperfections on the women lining the pool.

Hannah spotted Caroline, topless, sunbathing in the centre of a patch of sun surrounded by the most bronzed and most naked models save for one sun lounger which Caroline’s bag lay on top of, reserving the lounger for Hannah. As far as Hannah was concerned Caroline could have been one of the models, she was in her natural habitat, looking immaculate.

Hannah picked her way through the models to the free lounger and sat down immediately blocking the sun of one of the other girls who hissed at her and bared her claws. Hannah quickly lay down out of the way of the sun and onto Caroline’s bag, its jagged edges poking her in the stomach.

“Comfortable?” Caroline looked over her sunglasses and laughing playfully.

“No” Hannah’s honest answer made Caroline smile.

“So what happened to you last night?” She had a dirty, knowing, look on her face.

“Someone was making a lot of noise. We couldn’t sleep”

“Oh yes” Caroline said dreamily, her breasts rose and her back arched momentarily reliving the memory.

“We went down to the exhibition to take a look until it quietened down”

“Ahh yes, Spencer went to look at that. Knew you’d be interested. Ancient history. Yawn.” Caroline lay back down and closed her eyes.

“Oh and then we had sex” Hannah whispered.

Caroline sat up, suddenly interested again. “You had sex!” She said it very loudly and the surrounding models giggled just as loudly.

“Shhhhhh” Hannah said red faced, mortified.

“Oh shush yourself. I’m sure most of them had sex last night too”

Hannah had to admit that was a likely possibility but they weren’t all talking about it and if they were they weren’t doing it so loud that she could hear.

“Where did you do it?”

“Some closed off corridor” Hannah whispered even quieter feeling one of the hotel staff might overhear and throw her out.

“I’m impressed.” Caroline smiled. “I didn’t, think you had it in you to be so naughty”

“Neither did I” Hannah felt so hot with embarrassment, she was sure she just looked like a giant tomato at this point and that thought just made her hotter still.

“Don’t worry about it, it’s sexy to do something like that just in the moment. It feels even better if you get caught.”

“I kept myself quiet” she replied even quieter. Hannah couldn’t think of anything worse than someone walking in on them in that state.

“Honey, if it was that good you wouldn’t have been able to”

“Like you?”


“But then every man I’ve ever heard you have sex with has made you scream like a banshee. They were all that good?”

“Not all, sometimes a girl has to improvise. Don’t have to with Spencer though” the memory made her back momentarily arch once more.

It was several hours before the girls returned to the hotel room bronzed by the sun’s rays to get ready to go shopping at the principality’s boutiques. The Paddock Club access that Renner had purchased had included tickets to “The Amber Lounge” an annual fashion show at which the Grand Prix drivers walked the catwalk alongside the most famous models in the world in aid of various charities. Caroline had been dismayed by the options that Hannah had brought for the show and insisted that they find something more appropriate.

“It’s a fashion show Hannah, you can’t turn up in some hand-me-down from your Grandma” she had exclaimed as she pulled Hannah out of the door.