Life Begins At Thirty : Chapter Eleven


One of the biggest passions in my life is Motorsport. I love everything about it. The speed, the energy, the danger, the unpredictability. Everything my life lacked up until my lottery win was there in motorsport.

The jewel in the crown of the motorsport year is the Monaco Grand Prix traditionally held at the end of May. High performance prototype racing cars thread their way on the ragged edge of adhesion through the tight twisty circuit threading their way between the unforgiving cold metal Armco barriers at speeds approaching one hundred and fifty miles per hour so close to the crowds that they can almost touch them as they go by. Along the harbour the beautiful, rich and famous watch the race from their yachts whilst the die-hard fans sit on deckchairs and blankets in the surrounding hills and mountains. Charity fashion shows and elegant soirées take place in the evenings, attended by the Grand Prix drivers, royalty and film stars taking a break from the nearby Cannes film festival.

In the years prior to my lottery win I had researched trips to various Grands Prix on a regular basis. I had decided long ago that if I was ever going to go to Monaco I would want to “do it right”. In short that meant doing it the expensive way and I had spent many evenings pouring over web sites dedicated to expensive package deals which revolved around the “Paddock Club” the exclusive few tickets offered by the Grand Prix organisers at prices in the tens of thousands of euros which would take you behind the scenes of the race and into the paddock to see the cars and meet the drivers. These packages of course we’re well beyond my previous meagre income, but now I had come into some money I had quickly decided to make good on my fantasy’s and purchased the tickets as soon the season’s Grand Prix calendar had been announced in the September of the previous year.

We stayed in the exclusive Hotel dé Paris in Casino Square. The hotel was hosting an exhibition of a recently unearthed racing car belonging to William Grover-Williams, the winner of the 1929 Monaco Grand Prix who had led the resistance against the Nazi’s occupying Paris during the Second World War. The car Williams had driven on that day had been discovered along with a number of other artefacts near Paris in a previously unknown hideout of Grover-Williams and his resistance cell. As we walked into the hotel lobby to check in I made a mental note to spend an afternoon in the exhibition.

Hannah had reluctantly agreed to come to Monaco with me on the condition that Caroline and her, far too handsome, boyfriend Spencer could join her. We had only been seeing each other, seeing each other naked as Caroline helpfully pointed out to anyone who had asked, for a month and it was natural for her not to want a trip alone with me at this point. I had therefore upgraded my already pricy one bedroom suite to include an extra bedroom. I immediately regretted not getting a separate suite entirely for Caroline and Spender on that first night as their loud, and noticeably counterfeit, orgasmic moans forced Hannah and me to explore the hotel in the middle of the night.

The two of us made our way to the ground floor and had planned to get a drink at the hotel bar and play for a while in the casino. After we left the casino we stumbled a little drunkenly into the lobby where the exhibition signs caught my eye. I mentioned this to Hannah and she quickly reminded me of her love for all things from the nineteen forties. As it was past midnight by this time we found that the exhibit was closed, but there were no guards and only a sign in the doorway to keep people from entering. Hannah and I looked at each other. She smiled at me mischievously and I attempted a similar expression in return. Hannah stifled a giggle and I was sure I hadn’t managed to achieve it.

Once we were inside the exhibit we took our time looking through the various artefacts on display. The car which won the Grand Prix in 1929 was in the very centre of the room and I wasted no time in leaning over it, bringing myself down to the level where the drivers head would be, imagining the view Williams would have as he was driving it.

Hannah however, was more interested in Williams’ army uniform which stood on a mannequin in the corner of the room. I saw her stroke the uniform softly as though it belonged to a loved one and was filling her head with memories of the past. It was at this point I remembered the dreams she had mentioned when she had first met. She had told me that they were so vivid, almost like real memories.

I was about to ask her about those memories when I noticed a table of objects near the back of the room. A sign with a red light above it notified me that they were protected by a high-tech laser security system and as I moved closer to them I was deliberately careful not to trip any alarms. The objects in the display were pieces from a code-breaking machine used by members of the French resistance in World War Two to translate messages from the Allied Forces.

“Be careful there’s an alarm” I whispered feeling Hannah moving behind me.

“Everything’s so amazing” I felt her warm breath on the back of my neck as she whispered. It felt intoxicating.

“The uniform from anyone you know?” I turned and smiled at her.

“It’s not American” she grinned. “The guy in my dreams is American”.

“That’s a shame” I said.

“Doesn’t mean the uniform isn’t sexy though” Hannah gave me that mischievous smile once more. That smile was becoming more and more alluring each time she did it.

“Want to go back to the room?”

“Caroline and Spencer are there” she replied sadly.

“Let’s find somewhere else” I leaned down to kiss her and took her hand pulling her out of the exhibit quickly.

The next morning we awoke to find Caroline and Spencer had already left. The nights activities had meant a late start for Hannah and I and the sound of engines could already be heard as the, unique to Monaco, Thursday Practice Session got under way for the Grand Prix. The two bedroom suite had one advantage being the balcony looking out across Casino Square and I could see the cars being pushed by their drivers around the famous corner of that name and then propelling them down the narrow street to Portier corner before they disappeared behind a few large buildings.

Hannah got a text from Caroline and left the room to go find her at the pool as I stayed on the balcony and drank in the sights and sounds which greeted me. This was a dream, it had to be, it was the stuff of dreams. Never in a million years would I have pictured myself in Monaco with a beautiful girlfriend watching the Grand Prix. Perfection.