Belgian Grand Prix thoughts

I would say that today’s race was easily the best fully dry Belgian Grand Prix I can remember. This has been a fantastic season of F1 racing despite what everyone is saying about the noise of the engines and it continued today.

The incident of the race was of course on lap two as Nico Rosberg attempted a pass around the outside of Lewis Hamilton into les Combes which resulted in a collision in which Hamiltons rear left tyre was cut and Rosbergs front wing was damaged. This opened the door for driver of the season so far Daniel Ricciardo to take a well deserved third victory.

For me Rosberg should have gotten a penalty for the above mentioned incident. It was a clumsy mistake that resulted in another drivers car being damaged in such a way that it required repairs in the pits. That should be the rule for penalties in my opinion. Too often in the past we’ve seen random penalties for nothing incidents but this incident ruined the race we were set to have as lap two began. Yes we got an amazing race as a result but Rosberg could have easily rode off into the sunset on another day.

The anger and emotion from Mercedes higher ups Toto Wolff and Niki Lauda says it all really and it will be fascinating to see the result of the team meeting that will follow.

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