It was the beginning. A yellow evening in June where sunshine prismed through clouds as though they were diamonds. And covered by the roof on the steps of her parents house she watched as those diamonds began to fall from the clouds in heavy droplets which landed with a splish and splash on the sidewalk in front of her. She picked up the book that lay next to her and began to read, soothed by the atmospheric sounds of the precipitation around her. The book was yellow, but unlike the new sky of diamonds this was bright, bold and primary yellow which could not have failed to catch her eye as she browsed the shelves of knowledge in her local bookshop that morning. The book had seemed so out of place in between the dark greens and browns and greys of the bookshelf and it just begged to be taken, to be read and cherished as all good books should. And like all good books its purchase was the beginning of a new adventure, the opening of a new repository of knowledge that would enrich the lives of any that it touched. And it was as the diamonds began to strike the sidewalk harder that she did turn to chapter one of the yellow book and was transported to the new beginning it heralded.

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