FF1M : Future

So a little while ago I said that I would be ending FF1M after the current season. Time has passed and as the current season has continued I haven’t really changed my mind yet. The fact is that the free time I have at the moment I would much rather be spending doing other stuff, like playing PS4. Writing. Watching TV. Watching Sport.

But then, I love many things about FF1M. Not least the small community that we’ve got with the team bosses and occasional interlopers. I love James Brickles commentary and if I ever win the lotto I may just pay him to commentate on real F1 for me. I love painting the cars and cutting together the highlights videos, and learning how to use Adobe After Effects and Photoshop to do these things better. I love running the support races and researching each series and the newer drivers and working out how good they should be and working ways to run the races on the antiquated softwares GP3 and GP4 to make them as close to each series as I can.

If FF1M continues for the 2011 season things will have to change and I’m not sure how yet. The one thing I am definitely certain of is that its time to say goodbye to GP3 and goodbye to my old Windows XP desktop which I run GP3 on.

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