I’m a little bit obsessed with this meme. “That moment where…” It’s become part of my inner monologue that comes out at random moments. Something happens and immediately it becomes: “That moment where something happened” I don’t even really know where it came from,¬†where I first became aware of it. […]

That moment where… I try and write a blog.

After about ten months I’ve finally managed to update the site. Updates include a brand new theme for the site and the first nine chapters of a story I started writing on May Bank Holiday last year. I have another story to upload at some point too. Both are unfinished […]

A Site Update

So a little while ago I said that I would be ending FF1M after the current season. Time has passed and as the current season has continued I haven’t really changed my mind yet. The fact is that the free time I have at the moment I would much rather […]

FF1M : Future