You’re a guy that loves video games because of the great and interesting stories in them. You’ve been playing this new game, on and off, for almost a year now. The story’s been gathering pace and after a few missteps and struggling through a grindy phase the story is finally […]

Finishing A Realm Reborn

In my last post I talked about why I ended up leaving FFXIV. In this post we will look at how another game series led me back to Final Fantasy XIV a few months later.

Returning to XIV

In my last entry I discussed what hooked me on FFXIV during the beta period and convinced me to start playing the game. It was not long after this that I quit. During the beta I had always intended to play a class from each of the city states, especially […]

Why I quit FFXIV

This post was inspired by a question which came up during the Speakers of Hydaelyn podcast which asked about how the hosts got started in the game. Read on to find out how I got hooked in to the game.

My FFXIV origin story

I would say that today’s race was easily the best fully dry Belgian Grand Prix I can remember. This has been a fantastic season of F1 racing despite what everyone is saying about the noise of the engines and it continued today. The incident of the race was of course […]

Belgian Grand Prix thoughts