Today’s #dearjune prompt is Music so I thought I would talk about the Distant Worlds concert that I went to see at the Royal Albert Hall on the 18th May 2019. For those that don’t know Distant Worlds is a series of concerts based around the music of the Final […]

Distant Worlds – 18/05/2019

It was the beginning. A yellow evening in June where sunshine prismed through clouds as though they were diamonds. And covered by the roof on the steps of her parents house she watched as those diamonds began to fall from the clouds in heavy droplets which landed with a splish […]


This month I’m going to attempt to take on Hannah Witton‘s #dearjune instagram challenge but instead of doing it on Instagram since my Insta is very food based I’m going to try and do it on here. The challenge is basically a series of daily prompts to make posts with […]


You’re a guy that loves video games because of the great and interesting stories in them. You’ve been playing this new game, on and off, for almost a year now. The story’s been gathering pace and after a few missteps and struggling through a grindy phase the story is finally […]

Finishing A Realm Reborn

In my last post I talked about why I ended up leaving FFXIV. In this post we will look at how another game series led me back to Final Fantasy XIV a few months later.

Returning to XIV

In my last entry I discussed what hooked me on FFXIV during the beta period and convinced me to start playing the game. It was not long after this that I quit. During the beta I had always intended to play a class from each of the city states, especially […]

Why I quit FFXIV

This post was inspired by a question which came up during the Speakers of Hydaelyn podcast which asked about how the hosts got started in the game. Read on to find out how I got hooked in to the game.

My FFXIV origin story

I would say that today’s race was easily the best fully dry Belgian Grand Prix I can remember. This has been a fantastic season of F1 racing despite what everyone is saying about the noise of the engines and it continued today. The incident of the race was of course […]

Belgian Grand Prix thoughts